First Impressions

We are on the fourth day of the Trump Administration.

On Friday, hours after being sworn in, Trump suspended the interest rate reduction on FHA loans and signed his first Executive Order to assist in the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA or Obamacare). These actions got me thinking about other Presidents and their first actions in office. I looked back through the records of The American Presidency Project to view the first Executive Orders. In just looking at Executive Orders from Eisenhower to Trump, some were in immediate response to a contemporary crisis—Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan —others were expansions or streamline of government—Eisenhower, Nixon, and G.W. Bush—still others were concerned with ethics and transparency—G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama.

Trump’s first acts threaten the health and well-being of people in the United States and beyond.  In addition to the actions above, in his first days in office, Trump and his Administration:

  • Waived federal law requiring Secretary of Defense be a civilian
  • Promoted lies about the size of his Inauguration crowd.
  • Signed first proclamation of his inaugural day at “National Day of Patriotic Devotion” this proclamation has yet to be released.
  • Removed White House web pages with Spanish language, climate change information, and LGBTQ related information.
  • Buried White House phone contact information (still available here) and replaced the Contact page with an online form with only four message type options.
  • Signed memorandum
    • Mexico City Policy (reinstating global gag rule)
    • Withdrawal of United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership
    • Federal hiring freeze except for military
  • Advanced construction on the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline

I don’t think any of these actions demonstrate a commitment to transferring power to the people or helping struggling families as Trump declared in his Inaugural Address. In four days, we’ve witnessed Trump’s Administration prioritize their own egos and agenda without any regard or care of the people of the United States.



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