Social work in social media

I just got home from the Council of Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting in Portland. I went to present a think tank on social media in the classroom. The presentation was set for the last day of the program so I used the first four days just to get a sense of what people were talking about in social work education regarding social media. I was happy to see a lot of sessions dedicated to Web 2.0. I was even lucky enough to participate in a great focus group on social media. And again, I have to give props to University @ Buffalo who are the best users of social media in the field. It’s so amazing how that school has embraced the value of having a social media presence. Overall, I was not surprised to find that people are generally timid about using social media or just generally dismissive of it has a valuable tool. However, I was surprised by the number of people presenting on Web 2.0 who are not users. I found this quite disturbing. I question their ability to fully understand the nuances of how to use tools such as Twitter, Facebook, or blogs if they are not users. I just don’t get how someone can present on this topic if they have no Web 2.0 presence.